MS3® Multisport Indoor Solid Tile Syste

T&C Sports' MS3 solid surface flooring offers superior performance for Inline, Dekhockey, Ball Hockey, Street Hockey, Indoor Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball as well as many other indoor applications. For Roller Hockey, MS3's unique solid-surface composition provides smoother, friction-free performance required by the high-tech plastic wheels on today's high performance inline skates.

It is the Sportsurface of choice since 2006 at Disney's Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida.

The MS3 surface was created with a special locking system that allows for quicker, easier ininstallation. For applications where the floor is installed for only a weekend event or a season then the system pins are designed to flex with no breakage and a quick uninstall.

T&C Sports' quadrilateral design system and 12" x 12" tiles make MS3 Indoor flooring smother so the action is quicker and "puck chatter" is eliminated. MS3's many features, including T&C Sports Flexgrip system help reduce athletes stress from rapid starts, stops and changes of direction, make MS3 Indoor Solid Tile an ideal multi-sport surface.


MS3 Inline Flooring is available in a multiple of colors and is the choice for the USA Street Hockey Championships and the Inline event at Disney's Wide World of Sports since 2006. 

MS3 Open-Grid Tile System & Open Smooth


MS3's Open-Grid surface is speacially designed for year round outdoor use and provides perfect traction in rain, snow or sleet and the best surface to play on for Street and Dekhockey

MS3's Open-Smooth surface is designed for year round outdoor use, and is safe for Back Yard Game Courts, Outdoor BasketBall and Tennis Courts

( no need for special protection if you fall while playing)

MS3 Open-Grid/Smooth tiles are 12" x 12" x 1/2" with a quadrilateral design that lets tiles lay flatter. MS3 Open-Grid tiles
use T&C Sports' FlexGrip technology to eliminate leg fatigue and enhance peak performance. T&C Sports' MS3
Open-Grid low-maintenance flooring is available in a variety of colors.Sportsurface outdoor tile

Leominster Dekhockey Center  New MS3 Sportsurface  

Additional Products & Services & Project Information


T & C Sports' wide choice of dasher systems and arena supplies, combined with our technical experience make it easy
for you to choose T&C Sports for all your multisport needs. For a free consultation and estimate, contact our multisport professionals today. T & C Sports offers several types dasher systems, permanent or portable in a variety of materials.


DisneyWorld's Wide World of Sports uses a POLY DASHER on an stell frame, that can be anchored into a cement floor
or use as a portable system. Athol 202 Sports Center has a fiibreglass reinforced plastic system on an aluminum frame
secured to the floor by a post and anchor system.this system can be used indoors or outdoors....
the NEW" Greater Lowell Dekhockey Center opened this past October with Pro Wall Dashers
that are "state of the art" made of highly durable plastic and anchor.

         Features Include
  • Highest quality, virtually wear-proof synthetic surface.
  • FlexGrip provides controlled "give" to reduce atlete injury and enhance play.
  • Installs in less than two days over most surfaces.
  • Snaps and locks together: no special tools required.
  • UV resistant: use indoors or outdoors - year round.
  • Ten-year limited warranty.
  • Outdoor court system with open-grid tile.
Pro Wall Ice



Boston Bruins, Patrice Bergeron # 37 recenty installed a "BackYard Dasher System"

made for the Canadian cold winter that is 90 feet long by 45 feet wide, that is not anchored, and is
held in place by speciial dashers that can be filled with water or pea stone to hold the dahers in place.

All the rinks can have fenciing, netting or even glass added for containment.




Boston Bruin's
Patrice Bergeron's  backyard rink
with the special
outdoor Pro Wall Ice Dashers
and MS3 Outdoor tiles.

Athol Ma 202 Sports & Entertainment Center



State of the Art Dasher System fiberglass on an aluminum frame and steel supports attached to the sub floor,
chainlink vinyl coated fencing, with  the MS 3 Solid Tile for indoor - multi use for all sports.


This dasher system can be used indoors or outdoors, permanent or for temporary use.



New Pro Wall Dasher System & Royal Blue MS3 SportSurface


Team Pittsburgh, through the efforts of a group led by Don Gregory purchased & installed a New Pro Wall Dasher System
and Royal Blue MS3 SportSurface this past summer. It took less than a week to complete the entire project.


The entire system looks fantastic and is a great asset to the local community and thrilled the players.  
Any questions on planning a New Rink System or upgrading an old Dasher system and or a surface.
Please contact 

Tom Downey of T & C Sports  
or Chris Housser










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