2017 Tournament Schedule
The Following Events are recognized & approved by IDTA.  USDHF. USA Hockey .OBHA & WBHF

All events are played by the IDTA/USDHF Official RuleBook and Registration Official Forms are available in the download section

Reminder Teams Traveling to Canada: Passports or Passport cards are needed if crossing the border by Car or Bus, special rules for players 16 and under

A Passport is mandatory  if you are flying and landing in Canada.

 For more Official Traveling Information Please refer to  www.state.gov

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January 19-21 ORANGE Ma

WOMEN'S WINTER CLASSIC 202 Sports Complex Indoors MS3 SportSurface       Contact: Kevin Boccia @ Kboccia77@Hotmail.com

February 11-12           Mt Pleasant, PA

MIDWEST IDTA Regional - Senior ( 16 & over) C & D Divisions Hot Shots Indoor        Contact: Mark Madden@streethockeyusa@hotmail.com 412-231-6759

April 6-9                       Penn Hills, PA

MIDWEST IDTA REGIONALYOUTH Penguin,Beaver,Cadet & Freshmen A & B             Contact: Billy Sullivan@ 412-852-0854 bsullivanfpu@gmail.com Pittsburgh MS3 SportSurface

April 21-23                   Chelmsford, MA

USDHF N.E. REGIONAL- Penguin, Beaver, Cadet  1 Rink MS3 Surface Contact: Kevin Boccia 508-889-1616 kboccia77@hotmail.com

April 28-30
Pittsburgh, PA

22ND STREET HOCKEY USA Senior ( 16 & over) B & Rec Div RMU Indoor Sports      Center Contact: Mark Madden @ streethockeyusa@hotmail.com 412-231-6759

May 5-7                       Leominster, MA

U.S. NATIONALS 43RD- Men's A & B Divisions 3 Rinks MS3 Surface Contact:Chris Housser @ chousser@aol.com 978-537-6311  Home of Street Hockey

May 25-29                   Leominster, MA       
U.S. NATIONALS MEMORIAL DAY- Penguin, Beaver, Cadet, A & B Divisions          Contact: Chris Housser @ chousser@aol.com  978-537-6311  
June 16-19                 Leominster, MA NEW ENGLAND CLASSIC- YOUTH A & B Penguin, Beaver, Cadet, & CADET MAJOR    Contact: Kevin Boccia 508-889-1616  @ kboccia77@hotmail.com
June 22-25                 Fitchburg, MA RAIDER CUP-YOUTH Penguin, Beaver, Cadet, A & B 3 Rinks Contact:TomMcMaster   @ 
July 14-16                   Niagara Falls, Canada 37th MAPLE LEAF CUP- YOUTH Penguin, Beaver, Cadet A & B Divisions Contact: Jerry @ NRSHC@aol.com 905-357-0234
July 28-30                   Athol, MA ATHOL YOUTH CHALLENGE CUP Ramsey Rehab 202 Sports  Penguin & Beaver A & B  Contact: Bobby Housser @  bhou22er@yahoo.com
August 11-13               Niagara Falls, Canada MAPLE LEAF CUP WOMENS- 16 & Older  & MASTERS (40 & Older)  Contact: Pauline Cormier @ pmcormier6@aol.com     978-537-6311
September 8-10         Leominster, MA BAUER  SR B & Master's Divisions ( 40 & Older) Contact: Bobby Housser @ bhou22er@aol.com
Oct- Columbus Day

BAUER USA CUP BALL HOCKEY EVENT-Div's Sr D Master's and Women's Close to Busch Gardens Contact: Kevin Boccia kboccia77@hotmail.com     $1000 1st Prize in Each Division

November 3-5 MS3 CAN AM INVITATIONAL Men's and Women's Div Contact: John Stamas 978-660-1253  jstamas@ms3surface.com
  USDHF FORMS CAN BE DOWNLOADED @ www.mystreethockey.com




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